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There are so many historical figures in Australian history that have influenced and directed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history.  Here are some.

Neville Bonner (click here)

Neville Thomas Bonner AO (1922 – 1999) was an Australian politician, and the first Aboriginal Australian to become a member of the Parliament of Australia. He was initially appointed by the Queensland Parliament to fill a casual vacancy in the representation of Queensland in the Senate, and later became the first Indigenous Australian to be elected to the parliament by popular vote. Neville Bonner was an elder of the Jagera people.

Oodgeroo Noonuccal

Frank Fisher


Jupiter Mosman

Reg Saunders

Narcisse Pelletier [Frenchman].

Narcisse was 14 years old when he was by his shipwrecked crew to die on Australian soil.  He was found and adopted by a called and was given the new name, ‘‘. His life story is mentioned in “The Reef: a Passionate History” by Iain he is mentioned as coming from the tribe of Northern Australia

Norman Tindale

Margaret Lawrie

Margaret Lawrie (1917-2003) capturing and retelling many of the myths and Legends of the Torres Strait Islander people.

Bill Rosser (1927-2002)

Bill Rosser was an Aboriginal man, born 13 May 1927 Toogoolawah, Queensland & died May 2002. Bill was an author & poet who had created 47 works. Some books are Dreamtime biographies of Aborigines under the Queensland Aborigines Act and This Is Palm Island

Maria of Childers

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