State Library of Queensland

The State Library of Queensland has a variety of Indigenous published material and original material resources.

The One Search catalogue allow easy access the John Oxley Library collections, such as the names mentioned within the Norman Tindale Collection, the photographic collection, original material, oral history, to name a few. However there are other interesting material available on this site.

AIATSIS (Australian Institution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Stuties)

I highly recommend that you visit Australian Institution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) as a first point of call.  View the online tutorial to better understand the AIASIS systems .

Centre for Indigenous Family History Studies ( )

This web site has material extracted from publically available archival records mentioned below.  A worthy Internet site, but remember that the words used in these extracts are those that appear in the original documents, which could be offensive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  Some of the sources are from:-

(1) Births, Deaths and Marriages
(2) Auditor General Reports
(3) Aboriginal Trackers
(4) Colonial Secretary
(5) Education and School
(6) Employment
(7) Exemptions
(8) Gaols and Prisoners
(9) General
(10) Health and Medical
(11) Police and Courts
(12) Protector of Aborigines Letterbooks
(13) Queensland Parliamentary Papers Marriages
(14) Removals
(15) Settlements and Missions
(16) Torres Strait Islanders

Genealogy, Family History and Historical Societies ( ): Genealogical Societies are groups of people that are interested in family history records, within a specific location.  These societies will research, collection and index local history.  This Internet site has an alphabetical listing of Genealogical societies in accordance to the State or Territory.

Ancestors: Charts And Records ( ) Ancestor charts and records are a great way of keep track of family members.  This Internet site provides a variety of genealogy charts and research aids for free download.  Note that the files are in Adobe Acrobat™ format, but worth printing off if you are serious about doing your family history.

ABC online Indigenous ( The ABC has created an informative Indigenous Map resource based on the Aboriginal Language Map and Google map.  There are two ways of searching this map, by the name of the group if you know it or by zooming into an area to see the name of the group. Information on local people is provided within this map. Write down all information and make a fact-sheet.

Queensland State Archives
( hold personal records about family and community generated by Department of Communities (ATSIS) and its predecessor agencies.  You can check their online catalogue (

There is an Australian South Sea Islander resources pages

Online Index to South Sea Islander 1867-1908

Online Index to Coloured labour and Asiatic aliens in Queensland 1913

Bringing Them Home Index – National Archives of Australia ›

Indigenous indexes of some Indigenous government agencies are mentioned at

Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family history.