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New works – May 2019

Well I’m still playing with the site to get things started and moving.

I decided that I needed a place to place ideas and what is new with the site.

I have just spent several days working on the language map text for the NorthEast Queensland region and fixing up the Contact [Dreamers] site. 

I wanted to have the Contact information more on the one page and I’m still having problem with the listing.  It keeps adding an extra line.  ahhh

What makes my North East Regional map different then the others is that I tried to link to original sources that may be online.

Now I’m going to call finish this document and return to it later, as I have so much more to do.  I keep getting enquiries from outside sources and want to add them to my site.  But I need to priorities.  So I will make an action plan.

I want to finish off Palm Island and then start on KGari [Fraser Island].  While working on the other language Maps.

I must remember that this is a ten year personal project.. so I’m just got to take the time to learn this WordPress program and get volunteers to review completed pages.


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