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Aboriginal Education – Department of Education –  Teaching and Learning resources – Western Australia 2011.  http://det.wa.edu.au/aboriginaleducation/apac/detcms/aboriginal-education/apac/lesson-plans/early-childhood.en?cat-id=9192342

Historical Events

Native Title:  Looking at the timeline of events in history, add in the 38 years of Native title where Indigenous people had to apply for their rights to traditional land via the European law system? Get discussion occurring on the justification of this act.

The earth environment was different when Dreamers entered on to their land and we should not have to justify that the land is “Our land”.  What should have occurred is the legal justification of the Australian government to the land they have stolen and if this is not produced then the compensation and financial retribution to any person identifying as an Aboriginal Australian [Dreamer].

Land rights compromise
A interesting discussion by Lucke Pearson “Batman vs Wonga: what our place names say about who we are: ..

Fraser Island Defenders Organisation have – Pre Eliza Fraser  as a title for Dreamers timeline, especially as this woman only remained at this island for a year and had made the Kgari name provided by the residents obsolete and our timeline information unidentifiable via word searching facilities..

Food:   Aboriginal people are commonly judge as “Witchery Grub eaters” and uncivilised due to nakedness.  This activity should be showing the surviving abilities of nations to eat what is available.  Thus get children to write what they eat and remove what was available.

Nakedness: Why didn’t Aborigines have clothes? What was available in the environment to make clothes? cotton? fur (to hot for climate) trade?  human hair was used .. but a hunting gathering lifestyle that required large roaming of land, could not sustain the transportation of clothes