Missions & Communities

  • Aurukun
  • Bamaga
  • Bwgcolman – Palm Island
  • Cherbourg
  • Deebing Creek & Purga 
  • KGari – Fraser Island
  • Maginnchin – Brisbane
  • Mapoon
  • Umagico

Currently I am only placing up information that I have research.  The priorities of communities that I will research are dependent on requests from communities.

Please note that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community histories https://www.qld.gov.au/atsi/cultural-awareness-heritage-arts/community-histories has a great site which needs to be viewed.   Communities are in accordance to their name A-B ; C-D ; E-I ; K-L ; M ; N-P ; S-T ; U-Y

Library Issues

This section is about GLAM Information Institutions such as Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums. The title “Indigenous Library Issues” was chosen as the library institution are leading in the attempting to solve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander access issues.

Topic of interest …