The Australian megafauna refers to a time when a number of large animal species roamed in Australia. Many of these species became extinct during the Pleistocene (50,000 years BC) and a time when Dreamers [Australian Aboriginal] created their nations 

This was a time then giants, roamed the landscape known as the Megafauna. They included the huge wombat-shaped Diprotodon, Genyornis Newtoni (Jaw Bird) and giant goanna Megalania.

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The megafauna was slow, practically tame and easy to hunt, so their numbers declined rapidly. Fossil records suggest that they were all extinct 35,000 – 40,000 ya.

Dr. Tim Flannery (the Future Eaters) argues that when the first Australians arrived they found a continent dominated by large grazing and browsing marsupials. These included a marsupial rhino, diprotodons of different sizes, a marsupial lion, five species of extinct wombats, seven species of giant short-faced kangaroos, a giant species of mallee fowl weighing up to 7kg and the largest of all Australian birds, a 200kg stocky flightless bird related to the domestic chicken. These animals were walking composting machines. As they browsed on the broad leafed trees and shrubs they converted the leaves and stems into nutrient rich manures that were quickly incorporated into the soil by relatives of the dung beetle. Though Australia’s southern climate was dryer, the soil was richer.

Dr. Flannery proposes that as the megafauna numbers declined, Australia’s vegetation became overgrown and tangled because it was no longer being eaten. This added significantly to fuel loads, making hunting less convenient for the Dreamers. Fire showed a way to manage the bush and open it up and the art of the cool burn evolved.  This method favoured the fire loving plants and not the food plants of the megafauna that were in a downward spiral toward extinction.

Only recently has the true extent of Dreamers time-frame to the world existence has come to light.  This is mostly due to the introduction of DNA and anthropological studies.

A Great Poster to explain this is the Cy1a9y Megafauna Extinction On Australia, North And South America And New Zealand. HTTPS://WWW.ALAMY.COM/. 

Today there is a fraudulent propaganda of Australian history, which depicts colonial society as explorers or settlers of an untamed land, with little understanding of the pre-existing ownership or assistance of the Aboriginal people in the pas, for their survival in a harsh country.

This one-sided viewpoint of Australian history has forced Indigenous peoples to become refugees in their own country of origin and through the neglect of understanding this history forced Aboriginal people into a third-world status, in a wealthy country, that had profited from the stealing of the land and natural resources, from the Aboriginal nation. 

It is an issue that will never be solved by silence or ignorance.  It is time to 

This Megafauna era is when Dreamers (Aboriginal Australian) roamed their land freely.

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