Pleistocence Epoch

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For Dreamers (Aborigines) the Dream-time is the beginning of People (Homo sapiens), the beginning of man and women explained by a culture that was around during this time-scope. Dreamers (Australian Aborigines) are a group of people that roamed during the Pleistocene epoch (era) ten’s of thousand of years ago before Egypt, Rome and Greek empires were built.

50,000 years ago when dreamers moved around the world the landscape was different. The below is an example of the world.

As you can see the continent that is known as “Europe” did not exist, it was a land of snow and ice, where no people lived there.

Migration of mankind

Altered from

The blue circle is were homo-saipen investigations show that man originated. The red line shows the pathway of the dreamers and the purple was the of another race, that took over most of the world. While Dreamers became isolated to only one location in the world.

Modern Mans Evolution

Due to today DNA testing can be easily identified.

Recent DNA test show that Aboriginal Australians are descendants of an early human dispersal into eastern Asia, possibly 62,000 to 75,000 years ago.

DNA migration evidence
DNA Migration

DNA movement of Mankind
A DNA mapping of the Indigenous people of Australia (Dreamers)
Map captured from Revealing the prehistoric settlement of Australia by Y chromosome and mtDNA analysis

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Aboriginal heritage project

Today South Australia Museum are progressing the DNA testing of the hair samples collected by Norman Tindale in the 1938 to find out more about the placement of Aboriginal people in Australia and the world. This project is known as the Aboriginal heritage project [].